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Free fireworks 8 video tutorials

Create both vector and bitmaps designs.
Fireworks 8 lets you work in both vector and bitmaps based design modes. Add CSS navigation to your pages from inside Fireworks 8. Work with Flash files and enjoy the intergration with Dreamweaver 8.

Learn how to slice up web pages and export in any format in a few easy steps all with Fireworks and video-tutes free video tutorials.

Our free tutorials are designed with all users in mind from the very basics through to advanced effects and keyboard shortcuts. It's all here in video-tutes free video tutorials. Go ahead get started right now.

Fireworks video tutorials basics

Fireworks video tutorials tools & tips

(Cascading Style Sheet) pop-up menus Get clean and easily customizable code that integrates well into sites built in Dreamweaver. Fireworks 8 uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) format to create interactive pop-up menus.

Vector compatibility
Preserve vector attributes (fills, strokes, filters and blend modes) when moving objects between Flash and Fireworks.

More slicing options
Automatically insert polygon slices when a selected object is a polygon path.

Recognize ActionScript color values Ensure color consistency.
Fireworks recognizes ActionScript color values when copied from Flash and pasted into Fireworks color value fields.

Use the "Save as" command to save bitmaps into different file types
Choose single-file output formats such as gif, jpg, tiff, in the "Save As" dialog.

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